We are the Community Consulting Partnership.

“This project with CCP helped us make space for having some really important conversations that kept getting pushed to the back  burner…you know, those cultural, relationship pieces that don’t have deadlines or funding deliverables attached to them. Through our work with CCP, pieces of our mission came to life, and we created new ways to live our mission every day. And I am happy to report that everyone on the board is more engaged and committed than they have ever been!”  
-ED of a Seattle area youth service organization

Are you a leader ready to make some changes in your organization? Or address some challenging issues?

Community Consulting Partnership can help.

We are a dedicated group of volunteers from the nonprofit and organization development worlds united in our efforts to strengthen Seattle nonprofits. Since 1996, we have paired over 500 volunteer consultants with more than 75 client organizations. Together they have addressed real-world challenges facing nonprofit organizations.  In 2018, we added executive coaching to the services we offer, through the Washington Nonprofits.

For team consultation, our process starts with a short application through this website. We quickly set up a meeting with you to talk about your needs and together create an individual approach to your project.  

Our Collaborative Approach

  • We are an all-volunteer effort that is fueled by a spirit of generosity.
  • Our mission integrates service to nonprofit organizations with opportunities for community volunteers to learn.
  • Our approach keeps the needs of the client organization  at its center.
  • Our consultation rests on a collaborative model that respects the wisdom and knowledge in the client system while offering outside perspective  and expertise.
  • Experienced practitioners support and guide the work of volunteers.

How We Begin

  • Meet with leaders of the client organization to hear their needs and interests.
  • Come to an agreement that there is value in our working together.
  • Jointly develop a scope of work.

What Makes Our Approach Successful?

  • Client leaders are ready to make changes and willing to put in the time necessary for the project to succeed.
  • The volunteer team  devotes time to supporting leaders as they initiate and guide changes in their organization.
  • Clear expectations come from the scope of work.
  • Volunteers commit sufficient time and energy for full involvement.

Become a CCP Client
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