About Us

The CCP Story

Our Consulting Project Cycle grew out of the 1995 national conference of the Organization Development Network in Seattle. A preconference workshop track, called ‘The Practicum,’ offered attendees a chance to work in a team to provide a Seattle non-profit organization an intense, real-world, three-day consultation experience.  Each team of 6 people was provided with a coach, an experienced OD consultant, who would help the team prepare for the consultation.  Kathleen Ryan and Geoff Bellman, both based in Seattle, served as coaches to a team. Pat Vivian, also from Seattle, was instrumental in identifying the non-profit clients.

The experience and outcomes were so inspiring, Kathy and Geoff made the commitment to test this practicum concept. Pat readily joined in the effort, along with others who lived in the greater Seattle area and had participated in the pre-conference experience. Those who came together—truly on a dark and stormy night in January of 1996—committed to serving as the steering committee for the Community Consulting Partnership and named themselves The Keepers of the Flame.  The fundamental values of service and learning–for all involved, regardless of role–were declared. CCP was born.

We also began (and continue) to offer organization development workshops at no cost to the wider community of nonprofits organizations and consultants. So far we have facilitated workshops on honest productive communication, organizational trauma and healing, and consulting with LGBTQ organizations.

In 2018, as The Keepers of the Flame were thinking about CCP’s future, they took information they were hearing about the experiences  of executive directors. EDs seemed to be under extraordinary pressure and were signaling the need for support and help to overcome isolation and discouragement. Recognizing that supporting and coaching organization leaders was an essential part of our team consultation, we reached out to Washington Nonprofits, with an offer to provide pro bono coaching to EDs. The response was immediate, and in the past year fifteen executive directors from across Washington State participated in this offer.

Consultant Mentors

Our team consulting projects are sustained through the on-going commitment to service and learning of our consultant mentors,  all of whom are experienced OD consultants and advisors. Their behind-the-scenes support of teams assures the quality of the CCP experience for both clients and volunteers.  

If you are interested in being a consultant mentor to a CCP team, please contact Mark Radonavich.

Keepers of the Flame

The Keepers of the Flame work behind the scenes to recruit for each Cycle, support our Senior Consultants, and sustain our organization between Cycles. If CCP were a nonprofit like our clients, then our “Flames” would function much like a Board of Directors:

Dara Ayres

Barbara Green

Mark Radonich

Daniel Macca

Pat Vivian