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Our Clients

We work with organizations from across the nonprofit world – from arts to education, community engagement to cultural advocacy, healthcare to housing services. We do not provide consulting services for fundraising, marketing, technology, or finance-related projects. 

I was impressed with CCP’s collaborative consulting model; it really allowed us to utilize
the gifts and talents in the room, and engage our board members in new ways.
– Ashley Miller, Executive Director,
The Service Board

CCP was what Etta Projects needed to set the stage for next steps and movement. I thank all of CCP for your dedication, time and passion that you invested in helping us “get there”.
Pennye Nixon, Executive Director,
Etta Projects

Your Benefits

In addition to clear identification of issues, processes and plans to move your project forward, CCP Seattle provides the following benefits:

  • Hands-on consulting by a team of volunteers who are mentored by experienced organization development consultants
  • Increased engagement of board and staff members  in a team project
  • More skills, capacity, and tools to support further change efforts in the organization
  • Positive release of energy that impacts the whole organization

Expected Commitments

  • Committed and sustained time and energy from key leaders and other staff as identified in the scope of work
  • Consistent participation by leaders over the course of the project
  • Willingness to collaborate with learner volunteers
  • Interest in learning and professional development

We ask client organizations contribute $200 as a demonstration of their commitment.

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