What We Do

Create meaningful, productive learning communities.

The CCP Model

Stockimage_observe_color500Over the last 20 years, we have developed a collaborative consulting model fashioned around a 14-week Consulting Cycle. During each Cycle,

  1. We pair a leadership team from our Nonprofit Clients with a team of 5-7 Volunteer Consultants.
  2. We provide a seasoned organization development (OD) consultant as a mentor for both teams.
  3. We teach topics like the process consulting method and how to work with/as consultants over the course of four Saturday workshops.
  4. We support development of the client/consultant relationship and the shared exploration and scoping of a meaningful project.
  5. We guide the implementation of the project and help both clients and volunteers determine their own wisdom and next steps from the experience.

Each year we conduct two Consulting Cycles, starting in February and September. Visit the Client and Volunteer pages to learn more about their respective expectations and time commitments.

The outcome of each Cycle varies from client to client, but almost universally, we see incredible changes within the organization, and the collaborative efforts of our volunteers and clients create a unique body of professional learning.

We are a volunteer-driven organization, which makes consistently positive outcomes so much more powerful for us, for our clients and for our volunteer consultants. That collective investment in change is the ‘magic’ or the ‘special sauce’ behind CCP.

The sense of vision and mission that drives each Cycle is due in large part to two special groups of volunteers.

  • Our Senior Consultants are OD professionals who provide invaluable expertise and mentorship to the consulting teams in each Cycle
  • The “Keepers of the Flame” work behind the scenes much like a board of directors to ensure the sustainability of CCP Seattle

If you would like to join CCP as a client, volunteer consultant or senior consultant, please contact us.